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Our commitments

Our commitments on quality.
Babynat is thus subject to two sets of regulations, those for infant food and those for organic agriculture.

Strong requirements of the producers and raw materials

Origin of raw materials

Babynat selects the geographic origin of its ingredients with care, preferring local producers. Babynat mainly uses French producers, in particular in the South West region. When this is not possible, it procures as often as possible from neighbouring European countries (Spain, Italy...). For example, we invite you to discover the origins of the ingredients of the Pumpkin-Parsnip Baby Soup.

Quality of selected ingredients

Babynat is subject to the very strict specifications of child regulations. We therefore have very strong requirements on the quality of the raw materials used.
Rigorous checks are made on receiving the raw materials. For example, the trout that you find in the Vegetables-Trout Menu comes from a 600ha lake in Arriege fed by pure water from the melting snow in the Pyrenees and where the fish are able to move about in a large volume of water.
We also consider the nutritional importance of the ingredients that we incorporate in our recipes to respond better to the baby's specific needs. In its fruit juices, Babynat adds natural vitamin C from acerola, a small West Indian cherry that is one of the richest fruits in vitamin C.


Babynat is the only infant brand to state the origin of the ingredients on its jars, soups and dishes and does this for transparency to the consumer.
The origins indicated on the products do change due to our requirements in selecting producers and the difficulty of procuring organic raw materials.
Babynat encourages you to read our labels.

Sustainable relations with producers

Babynat endeavours to set up sustainable relations with its producers and gives particular importance to the construction of organic supply chains so as to be as close as possible to the producers.

Unique guarantees in infant nutrition

Almost "home made" recipes rich in fruit and vegetables.

These recipes have no unnecessary additives.
For example, all our jars, soups and dishes have always been without added sugar, without added salt and without thickeners.
These recipes are prepared according to paediatric recommendations.
Babynat contributes to nutritional and taste education from the child's first few months.

Recipes matching baby's age

We adapt our recipes by removing the main recognised allergens (kiwi, celery...) and we endeavour as much as possible to offer milk, gluten and egg free recipes so that every baby, depending on its predisposition to allergies, can benefit from tasty foods, nutritionally adapted to his needs.
Discover our products.

Exclusive recipes

Babynat is the only infant specialist offering organic trout from Ariege. An ideal way to vary baby's taste pleasures and make them discover original ingredients! To start weaning, parsnip that has the shape and sweetness of carrot and the colour of turnip is an ideal ingredient.
Discover our pure parsnip jars.

Products from organic agriculture

Organic from infancy

Up to the age of 3, baby's body is immature, it is not capable of eliminating toxic substances. Faced with baby's fragility, infant regulations set composition requirements. By using ingredients from organic agriculture Babynat meets these requirements as naturally as possible whilst preserving the environment.

For more information on organic agriculture, see the rubric Organic?